About the farm

Ellis Farm is located in the quiet village of Winterpock in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  The farm is owned and operated by Henry and Carey Gleghorn and family.  The original portion of the farmhouse was constructed around 1790 and is listed in the Chesterfield County Historical Society Registry. We purchased this historic home in 2003 and began a massive renovation to the farmhouse to bring it back to it’s original condition.

We had already begun the transition to the “homesteading life” prior to moving to Winterpock.  Back in 1995, we began to learn how commercially raised animals were being treated with antibiotics and hormones and started to become discontent with standard grocery store fare.  We began planning for a better lifestyle choice for our family.  It started with 10 little chickens and grew exponentially from there!  Now Ellis Farm is home to some 70 free-range laying hens and a small flock of ducks, that supply the family’s needs, eggs for several local farmer’s markets and our regular farm customers.  Jumbo Rock Cross chickens are available periodically during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  We raise Alpine and American Alpine Dairy Goats, and will, from time, have animals for sale.  Although we do not offer our goat milk for sale, we do make goat milk soap and lotions that can be purchased directly from the farm, farmers markets and festivals and our online store.

Presently, we offer fresh, free ranged eggs for sale. What a better way to start the morning than with our “fresh from the farm” free-range eggs.   Matt Gleghorn is our resident artisan and will be posting his jewelry and creations under “Willow Branch Creations”. His creations are beautiful and unique, so please take a look.

Homesteading Life


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Ellis Farm at Winterpock, Winterpock, Virginia